Savify: Redefining Savings, Transforming Brands, and Making Every Name Count

What’s in a name? –A LOT! 

A name is not only a part of someone’s culture and identity, but it’s a part of someone’s “public persona.” It tells others something about who you are. In pop culture, Beyoncé has made a brand out of her name, much like Madonna and Cher before her, each name making people immediately think of the ladies who made them famous. Every time we hear a name, we make a number of assumptions about that person, company, or brand. What do you think of when you hear the names Shakespeare or Lolita? How about Steinway?


When it comes to businesses, names are just as important. 

1-800-Flowers cleverly made their phone number their business name so no one would ever forget it. Costco makes us think of buying products in bulk, and Band-aid has just become synonymous with the common bandage. 


What We’re Known For

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the U.S. save money on products and services from national brands by accessing Savify rewards programs. Since 2009, Savify has been securing major discounts from popular brands for business membership programs run by credit card companies, banks, credit unions, professional associations, and nonprofits. These organizations are very familiar with the value Savify creates for their customers, helping them to acquire and retain more, even though the customers aren’t aware of who’s providing their savings. 


Why Savify?

Our original name, National Benefit Programs, didn’t seem to immediately communicate the savings we provide to end users and the value we bring to major organizations. As we continue to grow our national brand network and advance the technology we use to provide our programs, we wanted to take the business to a new level with a new look and a name that would communicate all of that. We chose Savify and feel it does exactly that. “We’re very excited to announce our name change and are confident about our company’s direction,” said Savify President Diane Vogt Faro. 


Savify brings time and expense savings, sometimes as much as 80%, on essential and popular products and services from nearly 100 of the most recognized national brands. It uses advanced technology to reach end users and enable them quick and simple access to these savings–another feature reflected in their new name. 


“Our technology brings small businesses savings that most people don’t normally have access to and makes it available in a single interface,” said Chief Technology Officer Rob Riggs. “Our users log in and have access to savings from nearly 100 national brands.”


Welcome to the new Savify! We’re excited to move into this new era for our company, and we’re glad you’re a part of it. We look forward to serving you and bringing you the most diverse, robust savings programs you could provide for your members.