Diane Faro

CEO, Savify

Diane Faro’s remarkable journey in the financial services industry stretches over four profound decades. Her executive leadership, strategic vision, and knack for fostering growth have seen her helm influential corporations and make significant contributions to the world of payments and finance.

As the former CEO of JetPay Corp., a leading payment processing and payroll company, Diane was pivotal in steering its trajectory for almost 50 years. Under her visionary guidance, the company expanded its footprint, offering comprehensive solutions from five strategic locations across the United States. Diane’s keen business acumen was also central to the landmark 2018 acquisition of JetPay by the NCR Corporation, fortifying NCR’s position as the world’s premier point of sale software provider for the retail and hospitality sectors.

Prior to her tenure at JetPay, Diane’s illustrious career saw her wear multiple hats with distinction. She served as the president and partner of National Benefit Programs, a company dedicated to cultivating brand loyalty for businesses. Her time as the President, Global Merchant Services, at First Data between 2005-2009, saw her overseeing a staggering $1 billion in annualized revenues. This followed her leadership as Alliance Group President for First Data Merchant Services and CEO of Chase Merchant Services, marking milestones in her exemplary career.

Beyond her corporate endeavors, Diane’s contributions to the industry are further embellished by her association with key institutions. She’s a past president of the Electronic Transaction Association, has served on advisory boards for giants like Visa and MasterCard, and held pivotal board positions with Merchant Link and Front Stream Payments.

Diane’s passion extends to nurturing leadership talents, especially among professional women. As a co-founder of Women Networking in Electronic Transactions (Wnet), she has championed networking and growth opportunities for women in the payments domain.

Her numerous accolades and awards, including the 2018 Electronic Transactions Association Hall of Fame and the Women in Payments® Distinguished Professional Award, underscore her indelible mark on the industry. With an unwavering commitment to strategy, revenue growth, and leadership, Diane Faro’s legacy as an executive and entrepreneur is nothing short of inspirational.