Rob Riggs

CTO, Partner

Since 2012, Rob Riggs has embraced the crucial role of CTO and Partner, establishing himself as the technological backbone of our organization. His rich professional tapestry, woven through diverse industries, equips him with a broad spectrum of expertise, making him indispensable to our team. With specialties ranging from cutting-edge technology to user experience and intricate user analytics, Rob’s influence ensures that our firm consistently rides the wave of innovation, setting benchmarks along the way.

Rob’s fervor isn’t just limited to technology. He’s an ardent advocate for small businesses, a passion that radiates in every project he embarks upon. His commitment to uplifting local ventures speaks volumes about his character and the ethos he brings to our company. A heartwarming testament to Rob’s charm is his cherished personal accomplishment—winning the affection of a truly remarkable individual. This gives a glimpse into Rob’s life beyond the conference rooms and codes, reflecting his endearing personality.

Beyond the technical jargons and strategic boardroom discussions, Rob possesses a persona filled with wit and depth. He possesses a knack for infusing humor into the most unexpected situations, often leaving colleagues with a chuckle. His penchant for literature is evident in his admiration for “Clockwork” and all works by Mike Michalowicz. Furthermore, embodying his progressive mindset, Rob frequently references the iconic line from ‘Back to the Future’, musing, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…” It’s not just a quote for him; it’s a reflection of his visionary approach towards the tech world.

Educationally, Rob’s arsenal is reinforced by dual degrees in management and marketing. These academic accomplishments, combined with his on-ground experiences, solidify his position as a cornerstone in our company’s leadership framework. And while Rob might jestingly claim amnesia regarding any certifications, the truth remains clear to all who work alongside him: His impact, both on our organization and on our clientele, is profound and lasting. With every project, Rob reaffirms his commitment to excellence, leading by example and charting paths for future tech enthusiasts.