Privacy Policy

We’re Savify and we value your privacy.

1) What kinds of information do we collect?  We may request the following information from you: your personal name, business name, email address and a phone number.  Such information is voluntary, and, if provided, we only use such information in accordance with this privacy policy and only for purposes of providing you information relating to Savify, as described below.

2) How is my information collected and transmitted?  All of your information is collected via SSL secured and encrypted methods.  As you enter information into the data collection fields the information is kept on your local machine.  When you hit the “submit button”, or similar feature, your data is transmitted across the Internet, via the same SSL secured connection, to our servers.

3) How is my information stored and used?  When your data is submitted to us it is stored in our secure database.  The information that we collect is used to administer the Program and manage your account.  In addition, some of the data, such as your email address, may be used to send you advertising and/or promotional materials relating to the Program.

4) Who is given or has access to my information?  Employees and persons engaged by Savify, who are directly involved in the administration of the Program and the management of your account, will have access to or are given the information you have provided through the Program site.  We do not release or provide your information to any third party, unless compelled to do so by law or unless as expressly authorized herein.  This policy does not preclude our use of (i) non-personal, summarized, derived, or aggregate information (i.e., volumes, totals, averages, etc.), or (ii) the information collected in (i) to share with a third party solely for purposes of administering the program, provided that any such third party shall be strictly forbidden from using or sharing such information for any purpose other than billing.

5) What Rights to Information do Vendors and Third Parties have?  The Program contains information on savings and discounts offered by vendors and third parties (vendors and third parties collectively referred to as “Third Parties”, each a “Third Party”).  The privacy restrictions described herein do not apply to Third Parties; this policy only applies to the information collected by Savify through the Program site.  As such, if you link to a Third Party site, or if you communicate with a Third Party through any means, including, but not limited to, telephone or email, we strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy with respect to such Third Party.  You hereby acknowledge and agree to indemnify us, and hold us harmless from and against any claim, loss, or liability (including reasonable attorney’s fees), arising from or related to, either directly or indirectly, the use of your information by any Third Party or the privacy policy of any such Third Party.

6) Your Responsibility.  As a member of the Program, you may be provided with a unique identifier such as a password, user ID, or “PIN” (personal identification number) which is intended to authenticate your identity when accessing the Program site.  Such identifying items are intended to be secret and to be known, possessed, and used only by you for the purposes consistent with the Program.  The effectiveness of these mechanisms for authenticating your identity is dependent upon you keeping them in your exclusive possession and upon you protecting them from the discovery, access, or possession by others.  If you fail to keep such identifying information in your exclusive possession (e.g., you allow, either intentionally or accidentally, others to have knowledge or possession of your password, user ID, or PIN), you may bear responsibility for the actions of other persons who use this information in accessing our systems.  Should you become aware or have reason to suspect that a personal identifier has been lost or has been disclosed to someone other than yourself, you should immediately notify us.

7) In the event of a data breach.  We endeavor to utilize all reasonable methods to ensure that private data is only made available to those employees and third-parties, in accordance with this policy, on a “need-to-know” basis.  Should we ever be advised that the security of your data has been breached and that you are at considerable risk for identify theft; we will immediately notify you of the nature of the data breach.  In those circumstances, it may be advisable for you to immediately notify the credit reporting agencies of the data breach and to request that they issue a fraud alert on your behalf.

8) Changes to Our Privacy Statement.  In order that our information security and privacy policies are appropriate and effective and that these policies reflect the ongoing changes in our industry, we will review its policies and practices from time-to-time and may make changes to these policies and practices as it determines them to be warranted.  When changes are made that affect this privacy policy, this Program site will reflect such changes.

9) Contact Information.  You may send any questions relating to this privacy policy to Savify at:
5901-B Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 395
Atlanta, Georgia 30328