Savify is an aggregator of benefits designed to delight the members of any type of portfolio. Because we are also a buying group, you can be assured that your portfolio will receive the best collective set of proprietary discounts available.

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Payments Industry

Attract more members, customers, and benefactors and keep them happy by providing rewards!

Savify allows you to supply major discounts from popular, nationwide vendors that will offset your members’ cost of doing business with you. These organizations all benefit from Savify rewards programs:

  • Banks and credit unions
  • The payments industry
  • Professional and alumni associations
  • Nonprofits

Provide discounts of 10-85% from over 75 leading, national sellers. Here are a few:

Bank and Credit Unions

Looking for ways to attract and retain your account holders? We’ve got you covered. Let Savify offer discounts so significant that the savings can completely offset the costs of banking. And we’ll deliver in a way that will both further your brand and highlight any add on products you’d like to feature.

Professional Associations

Looking for ways to attract, delight, and retain your members? We’re just what the doctor ordered. Let Savify deliver member benefits with discounts so significant that the savings can completely offset the costs of membership. Even if you have a benefits program today we’ll enhance it exponentially. Let us show you how.

Religious Organizations and Non-Profits

We understand how crucial fundraising is to your ability to meet your initiatives. Our benefits can help both you and your support base save money while also fundraising to help you further your cause.
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How It Works

-We negotiate major discounts from leading, national sellers.

-Your members and small businesses access our web portal. (Can be branded to your organization.)

-They find valuable discounts and rewards provided by those sellers.

-They use the benefits, reduce their expenses, and save money!