Elevate Your Business with Savify’s Strategic Value Proposition Mapping

Companies in the electronic payments industry have experienced a dramatic shift in business dynamics. Savify recognizes that in order for ISOs, Acquirers, and Processors to succeed in the shifting paradigm of technology, they must become providers of complete solutions. All entities must evolve beyond delivering only a processing product, offering their small-to-medium business merchants “SMBs” a complete-value proposition. All Processors must anticipate the evolving needs of SMBs, offering business solutions that will impact their merchants’ bottom line. Value proposition mapping is the development of strategic relationships that will provide tangible benefits to merchants, along with a mechanism to deliver this value. Ultimately, value proposition mapping will differentiate the processor in the marketplace, boost loyalty and retention, and create a significant source of incremental revenue. Savify is your strategic partner in value proposition mapping for your SMBs.   In today’s competitive environment, cost control is critical. Savify offers one of the most robust merchant benefit programs available at savings based on group purchasing power and backed by vendor-specific lowest-price guarantees. Savify has relationships with more than 50 partners in 28 major business categories. Our benefits have been carefully vetted to meet the most important business needs of SMBs; they will receive significant discounts on business-related products and services that reduce operating expense and favorably impact profitability.