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Affordable Telemedicine for Business: Keeping Employees Healthy and Productive

Nobody likes getting sick, but for small business owners, it can hurt the bottom line. According to the CDC, productivity loss and absenteeism due to illness costs U.S. employers $225.8 billion annually – about $1,685 per employee. Time that’s normally spent running the business is now lost to rest and recovery.  Sick employees miss work and may not get paid for it. Even worse- when sick employees show up, they get less done and risk infecting co-workers. Ideally, getting medical treatment can help speed recovery – but that’s not always easy or cost-efficient. Luckily, there’s a solution for businesses to help their employees get quality healthcare quickly. For less than $15 per month, Savify members can have unlimited access to a doctor anytime, anywhere. Whether by phone, video, or app – doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals are available whenever they’re needed. No appointments, no travel, and no cost beyond the monthly fee. Whenever medical advice is needed, you can speak to a doctor in less than 15 minutes. Since the American Medical Association estimates that 70% of doctor’s office appointments can be handled over the phone, this service is a huge benefit to employers and their employees. Instead of waiting a few days to see the doctor, employees can get medical advice as soon as they start feeling ill. Employers who focus on protecting the health of their workers increase productivity and employee satisfaction while also decreasing absenteeism, rates of illness, and healthcare spending. Since telemedicine plans aren’t subject to the same limitations as traditional health insurance, they can be more convenient. Patients don’t have to get a referral to see a specialist or get a second opinion. They also save money by avoiding copays and not wasting time travelling. They can even share the telemedicine program with up to 6 family members at no extra cost. Whether an employer covers the cost or passes the cost on to the employee, telemedicine is a great service that helps businesses and their employers spend less time and money getting healthcare.