Savify Enhances Merchant Benefits: Identity Theft Protection Now Available at Up to 45% Off

Savify, which partners with ISOs and processors to offer value-added benefits to merchants at highly discounted prices, has added protection and recovery from identity theft to its roster of 50+ products and services. “Over 16 millions Americans were victims of identity theft last year, and recovery is costly and time consuming,” claims SAVIFY President Diane Vogt Faro. “We saw this as a real opportunity to add value for owners of small and midsize businesses.” SAVIFY selected Core ID Services, LLC as their provider. “Core ID provides a state-of-the-art, comprehensive solution for business owners to protect themselves, their families and their employees from identity theft, and to recover if it does happen,” Faro said. She noted that coverage includes protection from any kind of identity theft, including tax return fraud, credit card fraud, medical insurance fraud and more, and assures that Core ID does everything they are legally allowed to do to help a victim recover. “On average, it takes 200 hours of work to recover from identity theft,” Faro says. “Through SAVIFY, Core ID takes on all this work, saving countless hours and productivity if an employee becomes victim to ID theft.” SAVIFY offers its programs to merchants through portals and websites of participating ISOs, Faro explains. Signing up for one of the three available Core ID programs should take less than five minutes minutes, and is available to merchants at discounts of up to 45%. “It is fast, simple, and available at virtually half of what a business owner would pay anywhere else,” Faro says. “By delivering this kind of value to merchants, our processing partners differentiate themselves, and enhance customer retention. That’s the kind of value we add.” About Savify ( ) partners with ISOs and Acquirers to offer their merchants medical, legal, travel and business benefits at a discount. The company today provides benefits in 28 major business categories through more than 50 participating affiliated partners. Benefits range from discounted payroll services and office supplies to graphic design and car rentals, all at pricing not available to the general consumer. “Joining SAVIFY helps merchant members streamline the purchasing process, reduce operating expenses, and improve bottom lines,” says SAVIFY President Diane Faro. Source: The Green Sheet