Savify Introduces iDefend Business: Revolutionizing Business Identity Theft Protection

Atlanta, GA: Savify, the leading merchant discount program in the payments industry, has added the nation’s first and only business identity theft protection service, iDefend Business, to its program.

After discovering that big name identity theft companies only protect individuals, Savify knew its customers needed a company that could protect businesses, too. With discounted access to iDefend Business’s services, entrepreneurs can ensure that their business credit, reputation, privacy, and money are protected.

Since businesses typically have larger bank accounts and higher credit limits than individuals, thieves have learned that they make more profitable targets. Unfortunately, they’re also easier targets. Unlike consumer identity theft, where personal information has to be stolen, business information is easily accessible online at the Secretary of State’s website.

iDefend Business proactively monitors key business and personal information and will instantly alert members of any suspicious activity. They also provide identity recovery services for businesses that have already been compromised and will coordinate with law enforcement to apprehend and prosecute the identity thief.

Since the payments industry benefits from helping clients maximize sales, there is a vested interest in ensuring clients’ businesses are protected. With Savify, payments professionals can provide clients with valuable products and services that help small businesses maximize sales while protecting their assets, all without paying full price.

About Savify: Founded in 2009 in Atlanta, GA, Savify helps independent sales organizations (ISOs) and acquirers increase earnings while providing more value to their small to mid-size business clients. Savify creates white-labeled, easy-to-use web portals where clients can access discounts to carefully-selected products and services that reduce operating costs, increase cash flow, and improve quality of life.

About iDefend Business: iDefend® Business delivers comprehensive, proactive identity theft protection to business entities, including business owner. iDefend Business is one of the flagship risk management solutions for businesses developed by INVISUS, an industry veteran company in identity theft and cyber-crime protection.