Working with some of the biggest brands across the nation, Savify is an Atlanta-based company partnering with businesses to attract new customers and keep current customers happy since 2009.

Savify increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention by giving you the ability to provide major savings to your members. We negotiate significant discounts from leading national sellers, putting together robust and diverse savings programs. When you partner with Savify, we’ll create a rewards program for your members, providing more value and offsetting their cost of doing business with you. Since you can “whitelabel” Savifiy’s digital savings portal, you’re able to brand the rewards program as your own.

We regularly add new vendors, continuing to provide opportunities to make your program more relevant to your customers. We also appreciate your feedback to ensure our programs remain useful to your customer base. Have a suggestion? Contact us anytime!


Diane Vogt Faro

CEO, Partner

Sonny Wooten

Vice President of Business Development

Rob Riggs

Chief Technology Officer, Partner