Staples Business Advantage

Staples has negotiated the lowest pricing on your behalf.  Save on office products, cleaning supplies, safety equipment, technology, furniture, coffee, snacks and more.

As a valued member, you have access to exclusive discounts customized for your business through Staples Business Advantage with dedicated product experts who will work to find you efficiencies and savings. Risk free and easy. There are no fees or commitments. 

Free delivery for online orders of $35.00 or more. 

To register and take advantage of these amazing discounts, Click this Discount Link  and submit your registration form.

 If your already a member, Click this Discount Link  

The discounts are already built into the discount site. 

To take advantage for in-store purchases only which is tied to your procurement card, please request this by emailing:

Procurement Card – A procurement card is how we refer to your own Amex, Discover, MasterCard or Visa once it’s linked to your Staples Business Advantage account.

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