For the Small ISO

A Totally Turnkey and Indisputably-Simple Program

When you give your merchants access to benefits they will use at savings they can measure, your merchants will reward you with their loyalty. In fact, Savify has lowered merchant attrition for most of our reseller partners. And not a single merchant has ever asked for money back.

What’s more, Savify offers two different programs, so that you can find the best solution for your needs:

Customized Program

  • Merchant-facing portal branded with your colors and logo
  • You choose the program name
  • You choose from our 50+ benefits
  • You determine pricing
  • Add your own benefits:  gift cards, terminal upgrades, loyalty programs, PCI compliance, or anything else you offer
  • Employee and sub-office training included

Turnkey Program

  • Link added to your website that directs merchants to
  • Merchants access more than 50 pre-selected benefits at generous, money-saving discounts.
  • Savify provides all implementation and marketing materials.
  • Pricing is pre-set for simple revenue forecasting.
  • Program can be up and running within a week.