for the Sales Office

A Totally Turnkey and Indisputably-Simple Program

Savify delivers a program that boosts your bottom line without adding to your workload. We know you don’t have time to manage another program.  We can take any and/or all of the work off your plate, without compromising your message or your brand.  With Savify you receive:

  • A fully-customized program.  You select which benefits you want to offer.  Savify can develop customized offerings, based upon your own unique specifications.  In addition to our integrated rewards program, you can add your own business-specific personalized offerings; i.e., PCI compliance, terminal upgrades or replacement loyalty programs.  Some of your larger merchants can also be incorporated into the discount offerings.
  • A completely white-labeled program.  All benefits appear to come directly from you, with no mention of Savify anywhere.
  • A web portal.  Your merchants access the program from your website and/or a dedicated URL.  You choose the content from our templates; we tailor and create it to meet your unique specifications and integrate it into your existing technology framework.   With no additional IT requirements, you have a single portal from which your merchants can access all available merchant benefits and services.
  • On-site training.  Savify will train your sales and support team and provide you with a wealth of user-friendly training materials that make it simple to train new employees, as well as address any questions or issues.
  • Marketing and sales support.  Our marketing team is happy to create any sales or support materials you need.  Choose from our existing library of marketing materials, or let our team work with yours to create exactly what you need to support your brand and your objectives.
  • Project management.  Savify is available to support you 24/7.  Have a unique technology need?  We can handle it.  Want to add a new benefit?  Let us negotiate the deal for you.  Interested in communicating with merchants about a new benefit or offer?  Our call center and email services can provide just the help you need.

With Savify, you get a program that attracts new customers, keeps them loyal, and generates an entirely new revenue stream.