How We Work with You

Our program is designed to help your clients receive such significant savings as to completely offset their costs of doing business with you.

Our program creates a white-labeled, easy-to-use web portal where small businesses can access valuable discounts and benefits, along with any customized offerings you choose to add. Your clients will benefit from discounts of 10-85% from nearly 100 nationally recognized vendors, including:

By using the collective buying power of all our members, we’re able to negotiate major discounts from leading national providers that aren’t available to the public. Clients rely on you to access these savings – making you an invaluable part of their success.

With Savify, your small business clients can:

Reduce Expenses

Increase Cash Flow

Save Money

Share Savings

The Process is So Simple:

Once you have recognized the value that Savify can provide your clients, and an agreement is executed, we begin implementation.

The Savify Process

Once you choose Savify as your partner in providing extraordinary value to your members, our implementation process is simple.

We lead you through making Savify YOUR savings program.

Your members can access all of their savings through a web portal that we can brand to your organization with your logo, colors, and a dedicated URL. We’ll even work with you to give your savings program a clever, on-brand name.

We lead you through making Savify YOUR savings program. You let us know which products, services, and discounts you’d like to include and what kind of login credentials your members should use.

We collaborate with you to announce and launch your program. This includes:

  • Designing all client or member communications, such as emails and flyers.
  • Showing members how to enroll, how to access the program, how to make
    purchases, and best of all, how to save money!
  • Enrolling members automatically from a list you provide.
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