Savify Adds Telemedicine

Atlanta, GA: Savify, the leading discount program for payments industry customers, has added telemedicine provider Call a Doctor Plus to its vendor lineup. Along with other discounted offerings including travel, office supplies, and identity protection, Savify’s small business members now have affordable, convenient and unlimited access to healthcare professionals via phone, video, or app for less than $15 per month.

“We are thrilled our members can access a doctor anytime, anywhere” said Gary Alloy, CEO of Savify. “For small business owners and their employees, getting sick can hurt the bottom line. Telemedicine is a game-changer, allowing our members to get treatment faster, for a fraction of the time and cost required for a traditional doctor’s appointment.”

The Harvard Medical School estimates that a typical doctor visit takes approximately 121 minutes, including travel and wait time, with an average copay of $43. Since typical telemedicine appointments take less than 15 minutes, employees get treated faster while employers benefit from reduced absenteeism. Further, since Savify’s partnership with Call a Doctor Plus offers unlimited access, insurance claims and out-of-pocket expenses are also reduced.

Savify’s discount program helps members increase business and reduce expenses. With the addition of Call a Doctor Plus, Savify can now improve their quality of life, too. To learn more, visit

About Savify: Founded in 2009 in Atlanta, GA, Savify helps independent sales organizations (ISOs) and acquirers increase earnings while providing more value to their small to mid-size business clients. Savify creates white-labeled, easy-to-use web portals where clients can access discounts to carefully-selected products and services that reduce operating costs, increase cash flow, and improve quality of life.

About Call a Doctor Plus: Call a Doctor Plus provides the best telehealth solutions for common, non-emergency conditions at a price you can afford. Unlimited 24/7 access to the doctors, counselors, and healthcare professionals you need to stay physically fit and mentally healthy.

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