Our UPS Discount Is Even Better Than We Thought!

Recently, while using our UPS discount, we received much larger savings than what we advertise!

Savify needed to send a package to New York, and wanted to prove exactly how much of a difference our program would make. On UPS.com, the regular price for UPS Ground Service was $45.47 – about what is expected for a 23-pound box. What we didn’t expect, was with Savify’s negotiated discount, the price was only $24.89! That’s 45% off – much higher than the 28% off we negotiated!

After experiencing such unexpectedly big savings, we had to do an experiment. We’d see how much it would cost to ship 2 different packages from 4 different origin/destinations combinations from around the country. Our goal was to determine the biggest discount we can get and how to get it.

Our findings? UPS Ground Service consistently provided the biggest discounts, ranging from 32% -51%. No matter the shipping origin, destination, or distance traveled, UPS Ground consistently delivered discounts greater than the 28% advertised, and provided significantly more savings than UPS Express’ 2nd Day Air and Next Day Air. Ground Service is UPS’ most affordable shipping option, and it only takes about 2-5 days. It’s perfect to make sure holiday packages get where they need to be, without over-spending.

You can see the rest of our results here. The best part – the savings from a single shipment can make up for the monthly cost of our program! If your small business client ships multiple packages per month, imagine the difference these savings will make!

No matter how often or what you ship, our UPS discount will save you and your small business clients money. Just use the discount link in Savify’s portal to set up an account, and you’re set. You’ll even be given an account number that you can use to get shipping discounts at UPS stores.

Why pay full price for shipping when you have Savify?


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