Q: What kind of savings do my members receive?

Your customers, members, or benefactors have access to multiple vendors offering deep discounts not available to the public. Altogether, these savings lower their overhead and keep your brand top of mind due to the value you’re delivering. There are no limits to how often someone can use their discounts, so the more they buy, the more they save.

Q: As a Savify partner, what benefits do I get?

First, the digital portal your subscribers use to access their savings can be branded to your business, using your colors, logo, and a name you choose for your savings program. Everytime subscribers log in, they’ll be aware of who’s providing their savings. If you choose to upgrade,you may even feature your own vendors through the portal. In addition, we provide all the marketing you need to launch your savings program.

Q: How can I know this will really help us attract and retain customers or benefactors?

After partnering with us, some of our previous clients have increased their earnings per share, increased their market value before being acquired by another entity, and achieved initial public offering on the stock exchange. If you want more details, just ask.

Q: Is Savify’s digital portal mobile friendly?

Our sites are optimized to display on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. For organizations with a considerable amount of end users, it is possible for us to design a branded mobile app for your organization as well.

Q: How does Savify help banks and credit unions?

Did you know that, on average, people only change banks every 17 years? That means you need to give potential customers a good reason to switch. A Savify savings program can offset banking fees and provide the kind of value that will make people consider going through the hassle of changing banks.

Q: How does Savify help my professional association or chamber?

Most associations provide benefits to their members–a great perk to encourage paying membership fees or dues. Savify can supercharge your benefits with our many vendors. If any of those vendors conflict with your current benefits, we can remove them from your savings program and also add any of your vendors to the digital portal, putting all your benefits in one place.

Q: How does Savify help my independent sales organization?

Savify is already partnered with some of the largest brands in the payment processing space. Providing the kind of value that comes from a savings program is something that your customers have come to expect from your industry. Why not offer a diverse savings program customized to your target customers?

Q: How does Savify help nonprofits and churches?

Savify provides a way for you members to get regular savings for their weekly contributions. The more value you can provide and the more they save, the more they have available to donate. Ask us about our online solution for recurring giving.

Q: Can you provide a way for our customers to have a “single sign-on?”

If you have a website for your members that is password-protected and you’d like them to be able to access their Savify savings program through your site using that single log-in (rather than having to use a separate log-in to access their Savify digital portal), we’re happy to discuss providing a single sign-on for your members for their convenience.

Q: Can members unsubscribe from our Savify savings program?

Yes. They just need to select the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the page once signed into the digital portal.